INC Heat Pump Tank

The RED INC heat pump tank is unlike any other heat pump tank in the market. 

Not only is the tank matched to give maxium hot water performance with our UHE heat pumps but it also a class leader in low heat loss and draw off capacity. 

And like all RED products, with all pipe work connects off the top, its a super simple instalation. 

  • Produces mains pressurised hot water on demand safe and quickly.
  • Low heat loss due to high levels of insulation.
  • Tank shape allows for neat fit into most locations and through standard door way.
  • Easy installation of secondary return.
  •  Tough durable plastic casing.
  • Non corrosive polypropylene storage tank
  •  Variable thermostatic mixing valve.
  • Immersion & thermostats protected behind durable protective covers.