UHE Focus

Designed from the start to be a heat pump, this means our Ultra High Efficient heat pump range has – 

Patented heat recovery from power electronics.

Fan off the top to reduce nuisance noise. 

Raised evaporator reduces the possibility of blockage from leaves and snow.

CFD optimised evaporator to gain maximum capacity at low ambient and frost free drip tray.

Corrosion resistant plastic casings.

Installation made simple

The UHE comes with integral circulating pump and flow meter coupled to 28mm copper pipe tails making the installation supper simple.

The heat pump base was designed with pre-insulated underground heating pipe in mind with plastic potrushion to match.

Alternatively a fix rear panel is pocketed to suit the pipe tails exiting from the rear of the heat pump.

The power and data cable connections are just as simple, with plug and play connectors and no cause to enter the electronics box. 

This all helps make the installation supper slick!